Aaron Obojes

Born: 1990
Skate Since: 2001
First Board: One Fifty One
First Video: Parlament Concrete Soldiers
Favourite Skateboarders: Mark Appleyard, Chima Ferguson, Chris Pfanner, Lukas Than
Favourite Videos: Flip Sorry, Transworld First Love, any of Thrasher
Favourite Spots: Hauptplatz- Linz, NDK- Sofia, Canyelles- Barcelona
Music:Rock´n Roll, Hip Hop, Reggae
Film: The Big Lebowski, Pulp Fiction, Four Rooms
Skate With: Radix Team, Linz Homies, Kids
Set Up: Primitive Deck 8,125″, Indy Trucks 139, Bones STF 53mm
Sponsors: Radix Skateshop, Primitive Skateboards via IRN Disto;
Ich bedanke mich bei: Radix Skateshop, my family, WG
and everyone I used to Skate with