Lukas Than

Born: 26.04.1991
Skate Since: ???
First Board: Blind ohne Grip Tape
First Video: Parlament……In Bloom
Favourite Skateboarders: Cardiel, Forstner, Chima Ferguson, Lance Mountain……
Favourite Videos: In Bloom, Mind Field, Hesh Law, Heroin Skateboards….
Favourite Spots: Everything and Everywhere
Music: Listen to Bob Marley
Film: Quentin Tarantino’s
Skate With:Everybody, Hobos
Set Up: Yama Deck 8,25″, Indy Trucks 149, 54 Wheels;
Sponsors: Radix Skateshop, DC Shoes(MYDCCREW), Irie Daily;
Ich bedanke mich bei: My Mum,Dad, Little Big Sister, Radix Skateshop;